Euonymus japonicus El-Dorado ('BR2012'PBR) EU 49647



With its large yellow leaves, Euonymus japonicus El Dorado is a striking sight in the garden. El Dorado has a bushy, upright habit, reaching a height of around 60 cm and width of 25 cm. Winter-hardy right down to -15° C. This Euonymus likes a sunny spot, requires little maintenance and is suitable for individual planting on the balcony or terrace but also as a compact hedge, in group plantings or mixed containers.

Key Points

  1. Year round yellow foliage
  2. Large foliage
  3. Compact, upright habit
  4. Low maintenance


Euonymus El-Dorado winner of:

  • Brons Plantarium 2016
Brons Plantarium 2016

Breeder: Bart van Roessel Tuinplanten BV

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