Euonymus fortunei Golden Harlequin ('Hoogi'PBR) EU 20560



Euonymus Golden Harlequin is a beautiful, compact shrub with golden green marbled leaves. The foliage is stable and homogeneous. Golden Harlequin becomes about 25-50 cm high (depending on pruning) and 25 cm wide.

The compact growth makes Golden Harlequin great for in mixed containers as well as a solitary, for the garden or border, as mass planting and even as a low hedge.

Golden Harlequin has little demands and can be planted in all types of soil in the sun, partial shade and shade. This evergreen Euonymus Golden Harlequin is hardy to -15 ºC and decorates your garden year round!

Key Points

  1. Golden green marbled foliage
  2. Stable & homogeneous
  3. Compact habit

Breeder: Handelskwekerij G. Hoogenraad B.V.

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