Cornus kousa Flower Tower ('ZuilB1'PBR) EU 66579



Cornus Flower Tower is, as the name implies, a flowering tower. The growth of Flower Tower is upright and columnar and the flowering in May-June is very exuberant. The green leaves turn to scarlet red in autumn. Cornus Flower Tower grows about 4m tall and 1m wide which makes it a perfect tree for the smaller (urban) garden. Plant Flower Tower in the sun or semi-shade in a rich, permeable soil. There is no need to prune. Hardy to -18 ºC.

Key Points

  1. Columnar growth habit
  2. Excellent for small (urban) gardens
  3. Abundant flowering in early summer
  4. Scarlet red foliage in autumn

Breeder: Mario van Aart

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