Coreopsis rosea Twinklebells® Sunrise ('P16132'PBR) EU 59040



It’s a clear, dark night. You can see the reflection of thousands of twinkling stars in your garden. But wait…it’s not stars what we’re seeing! It’s Coreopsis rosea Twinklebells® Sunrise! Coreopsis Twinklebells® Sunrise flowers extremely rich with masses of bright yellow flowers with a red center. Its flowering period is exceptionally long. From early summer to early winter, you can see this new Coreopsis sparkle in your garden! Twinklebells® Sunrise has a compact, bushy habit. Its height is 30 cm and its width 20 cm. Its flowers have a fine structure. This gives a very playful and decorative effect in your garden. Twinklebells® Sunrise is excellent as a solitary on your terrace or patio. It’s also suitable for mixed planting and perennial borders. This Coreopsis loves a sunny spot in your garden. Plant it in normal, sandy or clay soil. Twinklebells® Sunrise is disease tolerant, survives winters to -8 °C and is very easy to maintain. Let your garden sparkle and shine with Coreopsis rosea Twinklebells® Sunrise!

Key Points

  1. Compact habit
  2. Rich and long flowering
  3. Bright flower colour
  4. Doesn't rot on the inside
  5. Doesn't fall open


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