Cornus alba Miracle ('Verpaalen2'PBR) EU 62292



Cornus Miracle shows a miracle of colours! This variegated Cornus has green and white leaves with a pink border in spring and early summer. In late summer to autumn, the leaves are intense purple-pink. In the fall, Miracle also shows red stems. Miracle tolerates both full sun and semi-shade. Plant Miracle in a fertile, permeable soil. Without pruning, this beautiful Cornus becomes about 2m high and wide; with pruning, Miracle stays about 1m high and wide. Miracle is very suitable as a garden plant and for mass planting. Pruning is possible in spring. Hardy to -30 ºC.

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Key Points

  1. White green with pink in spring-early summer
  2. Pink-purple leaves in late summer-autumn
  3. Red stems in autumn


Cornus Miracle winner of:

  • Bronze Award KVBC Summer Challenge 2021
Bronze Award KVBC Summer Challenge 2021

Breeder: Boomkwekerij Verpaalen vof

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