Cornus alba Nightfall ('Verpaalen3'PBR) EU 20231194



The darkest Cornus in the range: Cornus alba Nightfall. With striking dark leaves, Nightfall is a beautiful addition to the assortment. With its elegant appearance and impressive qualities, this shrub will undoubtedly attract attention. Nightfall distinguishes itself with a dark purple leaf colour and an impressive display of colours in the autumn. This dark Cornus has dark green leaves in the spring, which become darker throughout the year. The leaves, especially on the underside, have a grey, velvety haze that contrasts beautifully with the dark plant.

The red branches in winter make Cornus Nightfall attractive not only during the growing season but also during the cold months. In addition to its aesthetic value, this shrub also offers several practical benefits. Nightfall is a robust plant with a more upright growth than other plants in the assortment. It can be used as a hedge or partition, providing privacy and blocking unwanted views. Additionally, it can also serve as a background planting for other flowering plants in the garden, allowing them to shine even more.

How to care for Cornus alba Nightfall:
Nightfall is a hardy plant that requires little maintenance. It thrives well in both full sun and partial shade and can adapt to various soil types. Regular pruning promotes the formation of new branches and enhances the colour contrast between the dark leaves and the red branches. Cornus Nightfall can grow up to 1.5m in height and width without pruning and is winter hardy to -30 °C.

Key Points

  1. Year round attractive
  2. Spectacular autumn colours
  3. Velvety grey hue on the foliage
  4. Red stems in autumn/ winter
  5. Low maintenance

Breeder: Boomkwekerij Verpaalen vof

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