Camellia japonica L. Femme Fatale® TM



Camellia Femme Fatale® is a unique Camellia with an aesthetic that one could only describe as ‘passionate’. Bred by renowned Camellia expert Dr Jiyin Gao from China, this beautiful Camellia boasts glossy dark green foliage decorated with burgundy red new shoots. All gathered in an upright, bushy habit.

When spring announces itself, Femme Fatale® will delight with showy and large dark red, double flowers which combine beautifully with the dark green and burgundy foliage. As an evergreen shrub, Femme Fatale® will provide year-round interest and is hardy enough for most hardiness zones; she will add some much-needed flair to autumn and winter landscapes.

How to care for Camellia Femme Fatale®:
Camellia Femme Fatale® is perfectly suited for containers and borders and can tolerate sun but prefers a spot in the partial shade. She doesn’t require much maintenance but would appreciate a quick prune after flowering. Some fertilizer in spring and summer will keep her extra content. Femme Fatale® grows up to 120 cm high and 70 cm wide and is hardy to -12 ºC.

Key Points

  1. Glossy dark green foliage
  2. Burgundy red new shoots
  3. Bright red flowers
  4. Beautiful flower-foliage combination
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