Camellia rosthorniana Cupido® ('Elina'PBR) EU 42021



Cupid shoots his love arrows to fall in love. Camellia Cupido does that by showing of many love flowers in the spring. The flower buds are pink/red. Once open, the flowers are pink/white. Cupido flowers from March to mid-May. The leaves of the new growth are fire red. Cupido has an upward growth and max. 150 cm high and 75 cm wide. To avoid winter damage to flower buds and flowers, you can best protect Cupido. Cupido is hardy to -12 ºC and prefers the halfshadow/shadow. The flowers of Camellia Cupido are the love arrows of Cupid. So beware that he does not make you or your friends fall in love!

Key Points

  1. Pink-red flower buds
  2. White-pink flowers
  3. Abundant flowering
  4. Perfect patio performer


Camellia Cupido® winner of:

  • Brons Plantarium 2012
Brons Plantarium 2012
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