Camellia japonica 'Kerguelen' PBR EU 23331



The leaves of Camelia japonica 'Kerguelen' are dark green with white/cream variegation. 'Kerguelen' was found as a sport in the wellknown Nuccio's Cameo. 'Kerguelen' is winterhardy until -15º Celsius. The flowers are deep pink. It is a compact Camelia. 'Kerguelen' likes shady places. Prune back in May for the best regrowth.

Key Points

  1. Variegated foliage
  2. Bright pink, filled flowers
  3. Can be planted in the shade/ semi shade
  4. Hardy


Camellia Kerguelen winner of:

  • Brons Plantarium 2009
Brons Plantarium 2009

Breeder: A. Stervinou Pépinières S.R.L.

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