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Buddleja davidii Free Petite© Blue Heaven ('Podaras 8'PBR) EU 41026



Do you like many butterflies? Low maintenance in the garden? Compact growing plants? Extremely long flowering Buddleja's? Then there is now the new, compact series Buddleja Free Petite®. These Buddleja's are very hardy to -20º Celsius. What is also very positive of this series is that they are not invasive. This means that the plants make virtually no seed and if they do, the seeds will not sprout.
Free Petite® Blue Heaven has lavender coloured flowers. Becomes 65 cm high and 60 cm wide. Blue Heaven has a dense branching habit and loves full sun. The flowering period is from early summer to early winter. Ideal as a terrace, balcony, garden and hedge plant.

Key Points

  1. Not invasive
  2. Dense branching
  3. Extreme long flowering period
  4. Hardy to -20 ºC

Breeder: Cornell University (CCTEC)

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