Acer palmatum 'Silhouette' PBR EU 40439



Its upright and narrow growth makes Acer palmatum 'Silhouette' the ideal Japanese maple for big ánd small gardens. In addition to its elegant shape, ‘Silhouette’ has been selected for its lovely colours. In spring you will see fresh green leaves, which later colour to warm green. In autumn, Silhouette impresses with its bright, orange-red foliage colour. This vigorously growing maple becomes 5m high and 1.4m wide. ‘Silhouette’ is winter hardy to -22 °C and insensitive to diseases. Put in well-drained, humus-rich soil in semi-shade or full sun. ‘Silhouette’ gives a stylish, vertical effect to your garden. With a vivid burst of colour! Perfect as solitary, in shrub borders or in a container on your terrace. Also suitable as avenue planting. ‘Silhouette’ is a great addition to every type of garden!

Key Points

  1. Changes in foliage colour
  2. Pyramidal, upright growth
  3. Insensitive to diseases


Acer Silhouette winner of:

  • Goud GrootGroenPlus 2019
Goud GrootGroenPlus 2019

Breeder: Yutaka Tanaka

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