Acer palmatum 'Starfish' PBR EU 33203



It’s the night of the Oscars. The world’s most famous movie stars are striking their best poses. Then she enters the red carpet. All eyes are drawn to her. Her elegance! Her colour! Her shape! It is…Acer Palmatum Starfish. Red is the most intense colour we can think of. It stands for passion and warmth. No wonder Starfish draws so much attention. In summer its foliage becomes dark red, followed by a dazzling bright red colour in autumn. This Acer has deeply incised leaves and an elegant, compact and upright habit. Starfish prefers airy, well-drained, lightly acidic soil. Performs well in full sun to semi-shade. It grows to 200 cm high and 75 cm wide. Starfish is disease-tolerant and can resist cold temperatures to -22° Celsius. Starfish is excellent as solitary plant, in shrub borders, in mixed containers and for landscaping. And the award for “Maple with Most Star Quality” goes to… Acer palmatum Starfish!


Key Points

  1. Deeply incised leaves
  2. Intense red foliage
  3. Compact, upright growth
  4. Insensitive to diseases

Breeder: Piet Vergeldt B.V.

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