Acer palmatum Royal Garnet ('Opstal11'PBR) EU 57550



It’s a pleasure to introduce you to this outstanding variety, boosting colour and vigour like no other. This beautiful little tree has feathery, garnet-coloured leaves that change to the fieriest orange-red colours in autumn that even surprise with a blue shade at times. Native to Japan, Royal Garnet has a vigorous, spreading habit, resulting in the formation of a mound-shaped shrub that will look breath-taking in any type of landscape.

This deciduous Japanese maple tree was discovered by Ron van Opstal and stood out because of its deeply incised leaves and broad, hanging growth habit. Also very noticeable is the incredible branching and ease of propagation. Royal Garnet starts with an upright, dense growth habit, slowly growing into a somewhat wider shape at five years of age.

How to care for Acer Royal Garnet:
Royal Garnet grows up to 90 cm after two years and up to 200 cm after seven years. He prefers moist, well-drained soil and a spot in either the sun or semi-shade. Royal Garnet is hardy to -15 ºC.

Key Points

  1. Deeply incised leaves
  2. Colour changing foliage
  3. Easier to propagate
  4. Upright, dense growth habit

Breeder: Ron van Opstal Holding B.V.

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