Acer shirasawanum Moonrise ('Munn001'PBR) EU 44010



Acer shirasawanum Moonrise surprises everyone with its spectacular colours. In spring, its new shoots colour bright red which forms a beautiful contrast with its fresh, chartreuse leaves. In summer, ‘Moonrise’ is fully covered with almost fluorescent chartreuse foliage. This variety is not susceptible to diseases and leaf burn. Acer shirasawanum Moonrise is nature at its finest!
Moonrise is hardy to -22° Celsius. Prune in spring or summer. It loves a spot in sun or partial shade in moist, well-drained soil. ‘Moonrise’ is very suitable as solitary on terrace or balcony, in plant borders, mixed containers and for landscaping.
Acer shirasawanum Moonrise will bring a blaze of colour to your garden!

Key Points

  1. Bright red new growth
  2. Chartreuse foliage in summer
  3. No leaf burn
  4. Disease-tolerant

Breeder: Munn's Nursery Inc.

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