Photinia serratifolia Pink Crispy ('Oploo 5'PBR) EU 43634



Photinia serratifolia Pink Crispy is like a peacock. Beautiful as it is. But then it suddenly opens its tail feathers… You can’t believe your eyes…what an surprise! Pink Crispy impresses with its lovely, marbled foliage with playful splashes of light and dark green. Underneath its foliage, you’ll be charmed by its intense red stems. Pink Crispy’s new shoots have a lively, bright pink colour. Pink Crispy has a bushy, upright habit with a height of 175 cm and a width of 100 cm. This Phontinia loves well-drained, fertile soil in sun to partial shade. Temperatures to -20 °C are no problem. Pink Crispy is disease-tolerant and maintenance free. Pink Crispy makes a charming addition to shrub borders and mixed containers. Also very suitable for landscaping, as hedge and as solitary on balcony or terrace.

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Key Points

  1. Intense, marbled foliage
  2. New pink shoots
  3. Red stems
  4. Low maintenance
  5. Disease-tolerant


Photinia Pink Crispy winner of:

  • Goud Plantarium 2015
Goud Plantarium 2015
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