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Photinia fraseri Louise ('McLarlou'PBR) EU 41104



Photinia fraseri Louise has a gorgeous colour and shape. It has variegated foliage with a green and creamy white colour combination. Its new shoots have an attractive mix of pink and red. This pretty Photinia brings colour to your garden all year round! Louise is a variety with an upright, bushy branching habit. It grows to 175 cm high and 100 cm wide. It hardly requires maintenance and is winter hardy to -20° Celsius. Louise loves well-drained, fertile soil in a location with full sun to partial shade. Ideal for landscaping, mass planting, shrub borders, as hedge or as solitary on balcony or terrace.

Key Points

  1. Good and bushy branching habit
  2. Homogenous leaf markings
  3. Striking red colour in spring
  4. Low maintenance
  5. Year round saleable

Breeder: Louise McWhinnie

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