Gardening Express introduces the sensational Raspberry Groovy


The brand new Raspberry Groovy is now exclusively online available at Gardening Express. It is a fantastic new concept for growing raspberries on the patio or in the garden when you have limited space. Raspberry Groovy looks fabulous as a solitary or mixed with shrubs and flowers in an ornamental garden. Rubus idaeus Groovy (‘Jdeboer005’PBR) is a very compact dwarf raspberry that will become 1.50m tall and 75 cm wide. Ideal for in a container or smaller garden. This Raspberry also has other, very attractive features like its bright yellow foliage colour. Besides that, Groovy fruits on new wood and has a high production of beautifully red raspberries. Raspberry Groovy is hardy so you can enjoy this low maintenance shrub and its fruit year after year. More information on this raspberry can be found on:


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