Flower Trials 2024: climate-proof novelties

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  • 24 May 2024
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Get ready because the Flower Trials 2024 are just around the corner! This event is a fantastic chance for professionals in the horticultural industry, retailers, and landscape designers to get inspired and connect directly with producers. Plantipp in particular, is bringing some exciting new additions with a strong emphasis on sustainability and innovation. They have put special attention on introducing new varieties that look great, are more resistant to diseases, and can withstand changing climate conditions. 
New this year is the impressive Brunnera 'Jack of Diamonds' PBR: best described as the XXL version of the popular 'Jack Frost': with a unique twist. 'Jack of Diamonds' has huge leaves with a diameter of up to 25 cm (!), which overlap dramatically at the base. Clematis Guernsey Flute ('EviGsy153'PBR) from renowned Clematis breeder Raymond J. Evison stands out with large, star-shaped, pure white flowers up to approx. 14 cm in diameter and striking red stamens. 
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Impressive colours and climate resistance 

Plantipp introduces numerous novelties this year, with flowering strength and climate resistance paramount. After the global success of the Delosperma Ocean Sunset, Sun Diamonds, Wheels of Wonder®, and Jewel of Desert series, Koichiro is ready to introduce the next game changer to the market. The new Delosperma Desert Dancers Red ('FSDD2112'PBR) and Purple ('FSDD2117'PBR) stand out from the current range with their unique, intense dark red foliage that increases visual appeal in the landscape even without flowers. 
The impressive new Papaver orientale Red Rumble ('HG01'PBR) is already popular for its strong flower stems, extra large bright red flowers and compact growth habit. Red Rumble is less susceptible to diseases, more compact and holds its foliage green and healthy for longer. Another top performer for the landscape is the impressive Perovskia atriplicifolia 'Prime Time' PBR: an early flowering Russian sage with large, dense lavender-purple flower spikes and grey-green, fragrant leaves. Phlox JS® Queen Paola ('Koningin Paola'PBR) is ready to surprise with resistance to heat and high humidity and an abundance of pink-purple flowers that bloom profusely from early summer to late autumn. 
Agastache Beelicious Pink ('Agapk'PBR) is widely praised as possibly the most impressive Agastache on the market. With large, pink flowers, a compact habit, abundant flowering and a long flowering period, it provides extra-long enjoyment. The Phlox paniculata Bambini® series will be on display at the Plantipp stand as well. The Bambini® series is known for its neat, compact growth habit, strong branching, early flowering, brightly coloured flowers and improved mildew resistance. 
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Resistant, tolerant and water-saving 

Teucrium Indyho ('Ventecu'PBR) is more than just beautiful with its strikingly large, blue-purple flowers: it’s very easy to grow, heat-resistant and resistant to diseases. The icing on the cake is that Indyho has a very low water requirement, which means it responds to the growing need for water-saving varieties. The Mangave Mad about Mangave® series welcomes a new addition: Mangave Mad about Mangave® 'Praying Hands' PBR surprises with a completely new look and strikingly colourful foliage. 
Molinia 'Banshee' PBR is another new climate-proof introduction for 2024, and tolerant of salt air and pollution. As if that weren't enough, this impressive Molinia is also tolerant of drought, heat, and humidity and not susceptible to disease. This perennial ornamental grass steals the show with graceful, airy flower spikes that vary in colours from dark purple to red and pinkish-white. 
You can discover Plantipp's novelties at the F.N. Kempen location: Oosterlandweg 45 in Mijdrecht. 


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