An extraordinary burial place

  • By Myra
  • 22 April 2021

Creating an extraordinary burial place: that is the aim of this particular competition. As part of the famous BUGA Erfurt 2021, gardeners yearly take all efforts to use the most beautiful plants to create an extraordinary burial place. 

It was early 1865 that people first visited the international garden fair in the capital of Thuringen: a story brought back to life during the BUGA 2021. A spectacular garden show, attracting visitors from all corners of Germany. 

Perhaps the most controversial part of this large fair is the "grave planting" competition.

Photinia Chico for a gold medal.

This year, the use of the Photinia fraseri Chico ('BR2011'PBR), represented by Plantipp, resulted in the creation of a unique design worthy of the gold medal Gartenschau Erfurt. As some might say the most prestigious prize of this particular competition. The bronze-coloured new shoots of this strong Photinia makes it an outstanding plant to create the most mesmerizing landscape design. Or, in this case: an extraordinary burial place. 

You can find more information about the Photinia Chico and its current availability here. 


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