Ribes sanguineum 'Oregon Snowflake' PBR EU 65133



If you thought the standard, white-flowered Flowering Currant was a bestseller, just wait and see… Ribes Oregon Snowflake was developed during a breeding program from Oregon State University and truly steps up to the majors. It stands out with its deeply divided foliage and dense, compact habit. This compact habit prevents Oregon Snowflake from becoming leggy as other Ribes often do - making way for a number of great garden applications.

The compact habit is fantastic, but the flower power is immense as well: Oregon Snowflake blooms heavily with snowflake-like flowers throughout spring. It will grow up to 1.2 meters high and 1.3 meters wide in about seven years, thrives in full sun to semi-shade and can survive pretty much any weather conditions. This strong plant hardy needs any maintenance and is hardy to -20 ºC.


Key Points

  1. Prolific flowering
  2. Compact habit
  3. Densely branched
  4. Unique leaf shape
  5. Low maintenance

Breeder: OSU Ornamental PBP

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