Prunus Royal Flame ('Mieke'PBR) EU 49788



A cherry tree that makes you look forward to spring ánd autumn? Prunus Royal Flame is exactly that! In early spring, Royal Flame is fully covered with pure white, fragrant flowers. It’s as if you’re walking in the clouds. Royal Flame develops bronze-coloured young foliage, which matures to gorgeous bright green in summer. In spring, Royal Flame lives up to its name. Its warm red-orange foliage creates a fiery spectacle in your garden. This variety has a more intense red leaf colour than Prunus ‘Pandora’. Royal Flame has an upright growth with a pyramidal, uniformly branched crown. It reaches max. 9 m high and 5.5 m wide. It’s not sensitive to diseases and hardy up to -25° Celsius. Plant Royal Flame in well-drained soil in sun or partial shade. With its modest height, Royal Flame is ideal for small lanes and streets. Also very suitable for planting in parks and as solitary in large gardens. It can also be used as a shrub in small gardens.

Key Points

  1. Striking, pure white, fragrant flowers
  2. Very abundant flowering
  3. Intense, fiery orange-red autumn foliage colour
  4. Uniform crown development
  5. Disease-tolerant


Prunus Royal Flame winner of:

  • KVBC Award Brons
KVBC Award Brons
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