Prunus persica TAOFLORA® Pink ('Mintao 11')



Prunus Taoflora® is a great addition to the assortment. It comes in three beautiful flower colours: pink, red and Pink. Taoflora® has prolific flowering in spring. The large, pink flowers of Taoflora® Pink become 3-5 cm wide. Taoflora® Pink has yellow foliage in autumn. Plant Taoflora® in full sun, in any, well-drained soil. This Prunus grows up to 4m high and 3m wide and is a great addition to the garden but can also be placed in a container on your terrace. Taoflora® is not frost-sensitive - hardy to -18 ºC - and more disease-resistant than other Prunus persica varieties.

Key Points

  1. Prolific flowering in March/ April
  2. Large double flowers of 3-5 cm wide
  3. Not frost-sensitive
  4. More disease-resistant
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