Miscanthus sinensis 'Boucle' PBR EU 57849

Ornamental grasses


A wonderfully graceful grass, native to South East Asia, Miscanthus sinensis ‘Boucle’ feels right at home in the prairie garden, the Japanese water garden - or any garden for that matter. ‘Boucle’ stood out with its velvety, dense flower panicles that grace with a unique way of opening. Once opened, you’ll see that the feathery looking plumes are one of the most astonishing in the market.

The dark, maroon-purple plumes are accentuated by dark green leaves with a subtle white stripe and purple tips. Once autumn comes, the feathery plumes change to more gentle silver tones, contrasting beautifully with the orange autumn tones of the leaves.

Not only is ‘Boucle’ an absolutely stunning ornamental grass, but this floriferous Miscanthus also fits in pretty much any landscape design. With an upright growth habit and medium height (150 cm tall by 100 cm wide), it makes for the ideal garden plant: whether you implement ‘Boucle’ as part of a border, mass planting or even a low hedge. With its great pot performance, it will even look stunning in a pot on the terrace or patio.

How to care for Miscanthus ‘Boucle’: and the best is yet to come: ‘Boucle’ is not sensitive to diseases and pests, and hardly needs any looking after. Place it in well-drained, moderately moist soil in either full sun or partial shade, and Bouclé won’t complain. Hardy to -23 °C.

Key Points

  1. Velvety, dense flower panicles
  2. Feathery looking plumes
  3. One of the darkest in the market
  4. Low maintenance
  5. Not sensitive to diseases and pests

Breeder: Artur Maj Gospodarstwo Rolne

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