Miscanthus giganteus Alligator ('Lottum'PBR) EU 29011

Ornamental grasses


The unique leaf markings of this new Miscanthus will immediately remind you of an alligator. Fortunately, Miscanthus giganteus Alligator is a lot less dangerous! It is a very maintenance-friendly plant and winter hardy to -23 °C. Aligator flowers in September with silvery plumes. Prune in early spring. Plant it in sun or partial shade. This variety grows in any type of soil. Alligator is an excellent choice for plant borders, mass planting, in a container on your balcony or terrace and as a wind or privacy screen. Have you always wanted an alligator in your garden? Then you’re lucky, because Miscanthus giganteus Alligator doesn’t bite!

Key Points

  1. Unique leaf marking
  2. Exotic looks
  3. Maintenance-friendly
  4. Winter hardy

Breeder: Josef Hendrik Vergeldt

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