Magnolia laevifolia Vanilla Pearls ('GCCHU2008'PBR) EU 20202180



Stunning dwarf selection of evergreen Magnolia laevifolia (previously known as Michelia). Forms a tidy, densely branched, rounded shrub, clothed in glossy, mid-green, leathery foliage.

In spring, Vanilla Pearls smothers itself in deliciously fragrant, creamy-white flowers – along with masses of bees! A smaller flush of flowers follows in mid-summer.

How to care for Magnolia Vanilla Pearls:
Plant Vanilla Pearls in moist (but free draining), slightly acidic, fertile soil. Although tolerant of part-shade, Vanilla Pearls performs best in full sun. Prune lightly after flowering in spring, only if necessary. Ideal as formal garden specimens, low hedging or container plants. Grows up to approx. 70 cm tall and wide, hardy to -12 ºC.

Key Points

  1. Good branching habit
  2. Very floriferous and fragrant
  3. Very drought-resistant
  4. High disease resistance
  5. Strong resistance to leaf spot

Breeder: Church Gardens

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