Magnolia 'Genie' PBR EU 27979



Magnolia Genie is the result of 15 years breeding in a line of Magnolia soulangeana and Magnolia liliiflora which has resulted in a compact, small tree which will reach 3 meters in 10 years. The high proportion of liliiflora-genes guaranties a very stable red colour compared to some other red Magnolias on the market. The foliage is smaller and rich dark green showing some resemblance to Magnolia 'Leaf Spot'. The growth habit is pyramidal with layers of blooming branches produced with age.

Key Points

  1. Stable red flower colour
  2. Compact
  3. Small, nice green foliage


Magnolia Genie winner of:

  • KVBC Award Goud
KVBC Award Goud

Breeder: Vance Hooper

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