Lonicera periclymenum Caprilia® Imperial ('Inov86'PBR) EU 30243



Once upon a time there was an empress. The entire country praised her for her charm and beauty. And her name is: Lonicera periclymenum Caprilia® Imperial. Caprilia® Imperial has everything you want in a honeysuckle. Its flowers are stunning: in summer its burgundy red buds open into creamy white and pink flowers. A beautiful contrast with its dark green foliage! Caprilia® Imperial is rich: it has many large and elegant flowers that can be admired in June and July. This honeysuckle is strong: it is disease-tolerant and it can endure cold temperatures to -20° Celsius. Caprilia® Imperial is also modest: it has a compact, bushy and climbing growth habit. After 7 years, it reaches a height of 250 cm. Lastly, this showy plant is very seductive with its delicious fragrance! This variety is perfect as groundcover, as climbing plant or in a container (with support frame) on balcony or terrace.

Key Points

  1. Abundant flowering
  2. Intense flower colour
  3. Healthy, dark green foliage
  4. Fragrant flowers
  5. Big flowers
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