Lonicera hybrid 'Celestial' PBR EU 38470



Lonicera Celestial is out of this world, so beautiful! Celestial’s striking flowers will add elegance to your garden. Its flowers have the colour of apricots: a stunning mix of intense orange and pink tones. Celestial blooms abundantly and long, from summer to autumn. Its foliage has a healthy, dark green colour. And have you smelled its heavenly scent? Celestial is a true feast for the eye ánd for the nose! Celestial is a climbing honeysuckle with a height of 300 cm and a width of 200 cm. Perfect for containers (with support frame) on terrace or balcony. Also very suitable as climbing plant or groundcover in your garden. Celestial is disease-tolerant and hardy to -20° Celsius.

You’re in gardening heaven with Lonicera x ‘
CelestialPBR !

Key Points

  1. Flowering rich and long
  2. Intense flower color
  3. Healthy, dark green foliage
  4. Fragrant flowers
  5. Disease-tolerant

Breeder: Barry Fretwell

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