Lonicera nitida Scoop ('Chalons'PBR) EU 55730



Lonicera Scoop is a beautiful evergreen shrub that is stays compact, about 100 cm high and 100 cm wide. This makes it a great plant for a low hedge or for in a pot on the balcony or terrace. Also very beautiful in the shrub border. This Lonicera has small leaves and grows naturally in a neat, rounded shape. Can also be pruned easily and is even suitable for topiary. Place Lonicera Scoop in the sun or partial shade in a well-drained soil. Scoop is hardy to -12 °C.

Key Points

  1. Evergreen
  2. Ideal for a low hedge
  3. Small leaves
  4. Nice form
  5. Replacement for Boxwood

Breeder: Pierre Dumouchel de Prémare

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