Lonicera henryi Marinella ('Venloma'PBR) EU 67308



Lonicera Marinella catches the eye directly with its colour-changing flowers: starting with a pink and white combination, which will change to the most stunning yellow and orange. Marinella flowers extra-long: from early summer into autumn. You’ll be delighted to see the flowers all along the stems! This evergreen boasts dark green foliage, which surprises with dark purple new shoots and dark purple hues on the mature leaves as temperatures go down. In late autumn, the small purple berries appear, ensuring that Lonicera Marinella shows a colour spectacle like no other.

Named after breeder Thierry Browaeys wife Marine, Marinella has short internodes of only 2 to 4 cm, creating a very dense habit. It’s not sensitive to diseases and resistant to heat, air pollution and sea winds. Making it a great garden plant for coastal gardens, ground cover, pot plants or wall plants that are ready for any type of weather or landscape. Marinella is pollinator friendly too!

How to care for Lonicera Marinella:
Lonicera Marinella will grow up to 1 - 1.5 m high and 3 m wide. This climbing variety isn’t picky about the type of soil and would love a spot in the sun or partial shade. Prune after flowering to keep the compact habit. Marinella is hardy to -12 ºC.

Key Points

  1. Eye-catching flower colour
  2. Short internodes
  3. Compact, dense habit
  4. Very floriferous
  5. Resistant against heat, air pollution and sea winds

Breeder: Thierry Browaeys

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