Lonicera Blond & Beyond ('Honey Baby'PBR) EU 3320



“I’m in heaven every time I look at you!”, Blondie sings on the album “Blonde & Beyond”. One look at Lonicera Blond & Beyond and it will make you sing along with Blondie! All summer, Blond & Beyond blooms abundantly with attractive, creamy/light yellow to yellow flowers. From sunrise to sunset, its flowers have a wonderful, sweet fragrance. Blond & Beyond is the most compact, rich flowering, bush honeysuckle. It is a cross between two Lonicera-species. Blond & Beyond reaches a height of 50 cm. This Lonicera is hardy to -20 °C. It prefers well-drained soil in full sun or partial shade. This low-maintenance plant is perfect for containers on terrace or patio, as groundcover, in shrub borders or mixed containers with other plants. Bees love dancing with Blond & Beyond! Lonicera Blond & Beyond: we are fans of this blonde and compact beauty!

Key Points

  1. Flowering rich and long
  2. Compact bush honeysuckle
  3. Fragrant flowers
  4. Attracts bees
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