Lomandra longifolia White Sands ('Roma 13'PBR) EU 52998



Lomandra White Sands is the first variegated Lomandra. The foliage is grey-green with a white stripe in the middle and white edges on the outside. Lomandra is an evergreen perennial and not a grass! It is an easy and fast growing plant that requires little maintenance. White Sands is heat and drought resistant. White Sands grows erect the middle and has elegantly overhanging, narrow leaves. This perennial becomes about 70 cm tall and 100 cm wide. Plant Lomandra White Sands in a well-drained but moist, not too heavy soil. You can place White Sands in the full sun as well as the semi shade, but it prefers the sun. Hardy to -10 ºC.

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Key Points

  1. First variegated Lomandra
  2. Elegant arching, narrow leaves
  3. Heat and drought resistant
  4. Easy and fast growing perennial
  5. Great combination with succulents

Breeder: Robert Harrison

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