Lagerstroemia indica Eveline ('LAGE001'PBR) EU 50087



Lagerstroemia indica Eveline is a gorgeous plant with an inspiring story. The breeder of this plant was so impressed by the beauty of this Lagerstroemia that he named it after his granddaughter. A beautiful plant it is indeed! Eveline flowers abundantly with large flowers in summer and autumn. Its pastel-pink flower colour and fresh green leaves will give a vibrant look to your garden. Eveline also grabs attention with its pretty shape. This new Lagerstroemia is easy to grow. Eveline is winter hardy to -18º Celsius. It thrives in full sun, in moist and water-permeable soil. Eveline will attain a height of 2 meters after 10 years. An excellent choice for in your shrub border or in a container on your patio or terrace! Eveline is part of the series ‘Princess of Theo’. Buy Eveline and you will support a good cause: 10% of the proceeds will be donated to the Dutch KiKa Foundation (Children Cancer Free Foundation).

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Key Points

  1. Early, very abundant flowering
  2. Easy to grow
  3. Winter hardy to -18º Celsius
  4. Large, pink flowers


Lagerstroemia Eveline winner of:

  • KVBC Award Zilver
KVBC Award Zilver
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