Hydrangea serrata Avelroz ('Dolmyf'PBR) EU 27147



Hydrangea Avelroz is a beautiful appearance in the border but is also excellent to use as solitary on terrace or balcony, for mixed plantings or for mass planting. This Hydrangea is versatile because of its compact growth habit of 100 x 100 cm and the beautiful foliage colour. The foliage colour is purple-green and combines beautifully with the dark pink flowers. Avelroz flowers in June and July and prefers a place in partial shade in a humus rich soil. In autumn, Avelroz has a beautiful fall colour. Can be pruned in the winter or spring. Hardy to -20 ºC.

Key Points

  1. Purple-green foliage with unique autumn colour
  2. Rich flowering in June/July
  3. Intense dark pink flowers
  4. Easy flowering

Breeder: Marie-France Doll

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