Humulus lupulus Prima Donna ('First Gold'PBR) EU 1440



Humulus Prima Donna is a compact variety that is suitable for smaller spaces. Prima Donna has a lot of taste qualities of Goldings but with a higher alpha acid level of 7-9%. In August and September, Prima Donna gives many medium size hops or strobiles. These have an excellent aroma that is bitter, fruity and slightly spicy. The Prima Donna grows best in a well-drained soil that is slightly acidic. Height 1.5 m and width 1 m. The Prima Donna is hardy to -18 °C. Cheers and enjoy in moderation!

Key Points

  1. Dwarf variety great for small spaces
  2. Lots of cones
  3. Rich citrus character
  4. Disease-tolerant
  5. Low maintenance
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