Hydrangea paniculata Prim'White® ('Dolprim'PBR) EU 34747



Prim'White® is a very early flowering paniculata. The abundant flowering starts at the end of May/ beginning of June. Under ideal weather conditions, Prim'White® blooms a second time in September. It has a very even growth habit.

The flowers start cream-colored and turn white. It is ideal as a garden and patio plant with its height of 1.50m and width of 2m. Choose Prim'White® for its compactness and very early flowering. Prim'White® is a pearl for every garden!

How to care for Hydrangea Prim'White®:
Place Prim'White® in the sun or partial shade for optimal growth and flowering. Do not prune Prim'White® until after flowering. Remove the dead flowers and prune back vigorously to maintain compactness.

Key Points

  1. Early flowering paniculata
  2. Flowers a second time when conditions are ideal
  3. Uniform growth habit

Breeder: Marie-France Doll

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