Hibiscus syriacus Little Legends White ('Woojeon'PBR) EU 20231191



Fasten your seatbelts because these Little Legends will make your wildest gardening dreams come true. Hibiscus syriacus Little Legends Pink and White are discovered by Hibiscus-expert Mr. Shim and adored for their extremely dwarf habit. They might just be the most compact Hibiscus syriacus on the market now!

Little Legends White sports an elegant, refined habit and each stem is packed with white flower buds! The white flowers will appear all summer and will attract pollinators all summer long. The dwarf habit makes that Little Legends White takes up less space than other Hibiscus varieties, boasting all the Hibiscus beauty in a beautiful, compact form. The Little Legends are heat- and drought-tolerant, which makes them as strong as they are beautiful.

How to care for Little Legends White:
Plant Little Legends White in well-drained soil in full sun for the best performance. Little Legends White will grow up to 50 cm high and is hardy up to - 25 ºC.

Key Points

  1. Extremely dwarf
  2. Rich flowering
  3. Ideal for small gardens
  4. Low maintenance
  5. Long flowering period

Breeder: Kyung-Ku Shim, Ki Byung Lim, Yoo Mi Ha

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