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Geum Firestarter ('Stocrgeu'PBR) EU 20221073

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A herbal perennial with fiery red blooms - can it get any better? The fiery red, semi-double and ruffled flowers of Geum Firestarter are hard to miss. What makes this perennial stand out even more, is the longer flowering period from April all the way up to October. Not only is Firestarter loved for its long flowering period: it flowers very richly as well, with an abundance of flower stems.

The warm, bright red flowers attract pollinators and give a naturalistic, breezy look to any type of landscape. Firestarter is a mound-forming plant with upright flower stems and grows up to 40-50 cm high and 30 cm wide.

How to care for Geum Firestarter:
Firestarter is happy in both full sun and partial shade, but prefers a spot in the sun. Well-drained to moist soil will do the trick for this abundant flowering Geum, and deadheading will stimulate even more flowers to pop up. Firestarter is hardy to -23 ºC.

Key Points

  1. Fiery red, semi-double, ruffled flowers
  2. Continuously flowering from spring into early autumn.
  3. Longer flowering period than most Geum
  4. Producing many flower stems
  5. Gives gardens a naturalistic, breezy look

Breeder: Stocks Lane Nurseries Ltd.

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