Geranium Dreamland ('Bremdream'PBR) EU 35667



The quest for the perfect Geranium can cease. Dreamland has large light pink flowers. An extremely long flowering period from early summer to frost. Dreamland is a creeper Geranium and is up to 40 cm high.

Dreamland stands preferably in full sun or half shade and is hardy to -18 ºC. Very suitable for public green, as a garden plant or on the terrace in a pot. Dreamland, the dream for your garden and all butterflies!


Key Points

  1. Large, soft pink flowers
  2. Reblooming
  3. Fast growing
  4. Low maintenance, easy care
  5. Disease tolerant


Geranium Dreamland winner of:

  • Brons Plantarium 2012
Brons Plantarium 2012

Breeder: Alan Bremner

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