Geranium Dragon Heart ('Bremdra'PBR) EU 25544



Get your camera’s ready for the picture-perfect Geranium Dragon Heart! Its flowers have a deep, purple-red colour with a distinctive black centre. Dragon Heart impresses with big flowers of up to 6 cm wide. These are remarkably bigger flowers than those of ‘Anne Thompson’. You will also love Dragon Heart’s abundant blooming. Flowers appear twice, in early summer and again in autumn. Dragon Heart is also a real improvement in terms of growth habit. This Geranium has a gorgeous spreading and ground covering habit. It reaches ca. 50 cm high and 100 cm wide. Dragon Heart is winter hardy to -18° Celsius. It prefers moist, humus-rich soil in a sunny spot. You can use Dragon Heart in a perennial border, for landscaping or as a solitary plant. Also excellent in combination with other plants.

Key Points

  1. Magenta flowers with black center
  2. Very big flowers (ca. 6 cm wide)
  3. Spreading habit so perfect as groundcover
  4. Flowers in early summer, reblooming in autumn

Breeder: Alan Bremner

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