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Euonymus japonicus Paloma Blanca ('Lankveld03'PBR) EU 40441



The characteristic features of Euonymus Paloma Blanca are the new shoots in the spring. From early March until early June he shows mother-of-pearl coloured shoots. This gives a "WOW" effect in your garden. In summer the Paloma Blanca has fresh green leaves. It is a compact, dense shrub and an evergreen. With the Paloma Blanca you can do anything. He is ideal as a compact hedge, garden plant, specimen plant and he fits well in mixed containers. The best location is full sun but semi shade and shade is possible as well. Paloma Blanca becomes without pruning 80 tall and 30 cm wide . It is a strong plant that does well in all types of soil. Hardy to -15 ºC.

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Key Points

  1. Pure white new shoots in spring
  2. Compact habit
  3. Low maintenance
  4. Disease tolerant
  5. Evergreen

Breeder: Kwekerij van Lankveld B.V.

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