Dianella revoluta Coolvista® ('Allyn-Citation'PBR) EU 38076

Ornamental grasses


Be cool, plant Coolvista. Dianella Coolvista shows throughout the year its trendy, blue-gray foliage. It has a spiky, upright growth and branches out easily. Coolvista is drought and heat resistant and prefers a well-drained soil in full sun.

This variety is not hardy and needs protection to survive the winter. Coolvista is ideal as a solitary for on your terrace or balcony. You can also combine Coolvista nice and easy with other plants in a beautiful mixed container.
Enjoy blue-gray tones in your garden with the Dianella Coolvista!


Key Points

  1. Dense rooting system
  2. Heat & drought tolerant
  3. Striking blue-grey foliage
  4. Stiff, upright texture


Dianella Coolvista® winner of:

  • IPM Neuheit 2014
IPM Neuheit 2014

Breeder: Noel Charles and Virginia Florence Jupp

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