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Dianella Blue Stream ('Proquest D5'PBR) EU 41180



Dianella Blue Stream is a beautiful, new Dianella with broad, light blue leaves that contrast beautifully with both flowering and green plants. Blue Stream has a vigorous, upright growth and branches well with many side shoots. Blue Stream becomes about 70 cm high and 50 cm wide. In warmer regions such as France, Dianella Blue Stream blooms in late spring with blue flowers. In colder areas there is no flowering at all but it is nevertheless an amazing plant! Plant Blue Stream preferably in the sun in a well-drained ground. This evergreen is drought and heat resistant and can be used very well for mass planting, in mixed containers, as an accent plant or in the garden. Hardy to approx. -7 ºC. Protect in winter.


Key Points

  1. Light blue foliage
  2. Vigorous, upright growth
  3. Dense growth habit, well-branched
  4. Drought- and heat-tolerant
  5. Broad leaves

Breeder: Floraquest Pty. Ltd.

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