Daphne odora 'Sweet Amethyst' PBR EU 52705



Who is wearing such a lovely perfume? It’s Daphne odora ‘Sweet Amethyst’! You can recognize its strong jasmine scent from afar. People, bees, butterflies and birds love it! ‘Sweet Amethyst’ has glossy green leaves and blooms abundantly with large, lilac-purple flowers. Can you imagine the beauty and perfume of this amazing new variety? ‘Sweet Amethyst’ is hardy to -15° Celsius. It flowers between winter and spring. Best to prune in summer. This Daphne thrives in full sun or partial shade. It prefers moist, cool, humus-rich and well-drained soil. ‘Sweet Amethyst’ is excellent as solitary on your balcony or terrace, combined with other plants in a containers or as a hedge in your garden. Indulge yourself with the lovely looks and perfume of ‘Sweet Amethyst’!

Key Points

  1. Long flowering season
  2. Large, lilac purple flowers
  3. Strong jasmine scent
  4. Shiny green foliage
  5. Abundant flowering

Breeder: Kiwiflora Ltd.

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