Dahlia Mystic Illusion ('Knockout'PBR) EU 23033



A new, dark leaved Dahlia marketed under the series Mystic Ladies. Mystic Illusion is a distinctive Dahlia-cultivar from eminent New-Zealand breeder Dr Keith Hammett. Mystic Illusion is set apart from other new Dahlia varieties by its fashionable deep mahogany to black lacquered foliage. Flowers from mid summer with bright yellow, ribbed, sunflower like blooms with prominent orange centres. Ideal to add colour to either the tropical or perennial garden border or as a star performer in pots on the patio or deck. Mystic Illusion is half hardy. The Dahlia Mystic is moderately hardy so cover thoroughly in winter.

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Key Points

  1. Prolific flowering
  2. Bright, large flowers
  3. Disease-tolerant
  4. Grower friendly
  5. Attracts bees & butterflies

Breeder: Keith Hammett

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