Dahlia Mystic Fantasy ('Hawaiian Dreams'PBR) EU 40944



A new dark leaved Dahlia that is marketed under the Mystic series. Mystic Fantasy has been bred by the well-known breeder Keith Hammett from New Zealand. The flowers are flamingo pink with a soft yellow glow and dark heart. This Mystic Fantasy is a fashionable combination of glossy dark leaves with a striking flower. Height of the Mystic Fantasy is 70 cm. This Dahlia is very suitable as patio plant but also as a garden plant. Mystic Fantasy flowers very rich from June to September. The Dahlia Mystic is moderately hardy so cover thoroughly in winter.

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Key Points

  1. Prolific flowering
  2. Bright, large flowers
  3. Disease-tolerant
  4. Grower friendly
  5. Attracts bees & butterflies

Breeder: Keith Hammett

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