Cotinus coggygria Golden Lady ('Mincojau3'PBR) EU 47894



Cotinus Golden Lady makes your garden glow with gold! The bright orange, new shoots in spring turn golden yellow during the season. The fine foliage keeps its colour in summer and is not affected by the sunlight. Golden Lady has a compact, well-branching habit and flowers on second-year wood. It becomes 1.5 m tall and 1m wide. The cream coloured flowers attract bees and butterflies! This Golden Lady can be planted in the sun in a moist, fertile, well-drained soil. Golden Lady is easy to propagate and easy to grow in containers. Hardy to -25 ºC.

Key Points

  1. Bright orange new shoots turn golden yellow
  2. Foliage colour is not affected by the sunlight
  3. Compact, well branching habit
  4. Flowering on second-year wood
  5. Easy to grow in containers


Cotinus Golden Lady winner of:

  • Brons Plantarium 2017
Brons Plantarium 2017

Breeder: Hortival Diffusion SAS

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