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Cotinus coggygria Dusky Maiden ('Londus'PBR) EU 26492



A lot of love and time was devoted to the development of Cotinus coggygria Dusky Maiden. The result is a strong Cotinus with stunning foliage and an exceptionally bushy, well-branched growth habit. Peter Moore, breeder of Dusky Maiden, spent more than a decade on this cross between Cotinus szechuanensis and Cotinus coggygria ‘Velvet Cloak’. One striking feature of Dusky Maiden is its bushy, well-branched growth. Unlike other Cotinus varieties, Dusky Maiden will not get leggy and stays more compact. It responds very well to pruning.

It will reach a height and width of ca. 150 cm. Dusky Maiden’s gorgeous foliage is a real eye-catcher. In spring and summer, its leaves have an impressive purple-red colour. In autumn, it turns to bright orange-red. The more sun it gets, the more red its foliage will become. Dusky Maiden also stands out for its pretty, oval leave shape with unique wavy margins. In summer, Dusky Maiden produces pink flower panicles. Its flowers have a long and fluffy shape. Like puffs of smoke. That is why Cotinus is also called ‘smoke bush’.

Dusky Maiden is excellent as a solitary in a container on your patio or terrace. Also a good choice for shrub borders and landscaping. This strong variety is winter hardy to -25 °C. Plant in well-drained fertile soil, preferably in a sunny spot.


Key Points

  1. Compact habit
  2. Small, purple leaves
  3. Rich flowering
  4. Keeps leaf color all year

Breeder: Peter R. Moore

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