Cordyline Emerald Star ('Broadsword'PBR) EU 55750

Foliage plants


For a tropical touch in your garden, you really need Cordyline Emerald Star! It has glossy, bright green leaves that are broad and they are shorter compared to other varieties. This evergreen will become about 150 cm high and 80 cm wide. Plant Emerald Star in full sun to semi-shade in a fertile, well-drained soil. Emerald Star is a beauty in containers on balcony or terrace and great as an accent plant, for in mixed containers and for in the garden border. Hardy to -5 ºC.

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Key Points

  1. Glossy, bright green leaves
  2. Broad ‘sword-like’ leaves
  3. Shorter leaves than usual
  4. Tropical touch
  5. Evergreen
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