Cordyline australis Magic Star ('TUS020'PBR) EU 20211363

Foliage plants


A stunning mix of colours in one plant. Green leaves with creamy white edges gently fade into pink hues towards the bottom and intense red at the trunk. And the best thing is that Cordyline Magic Star keeps these unique colours all year round!  
Cordyline Magic Star has a compact, upright habit, growing up to 75 cm high and wide. Making it a great accent plant for pots and containers on the jungle terrace, but a just as a spectacular addition to Mediterranean-style gardens.  
How to care for Cordyline Magic Star: 
Cordyline Magic Star thrives in fertile, well-drained soil and prefers a spot in full sun or semi-shade. This evergreen foliage plant requires hardly any looking-after and is hardy to -5 ºC. 

Key Points

  1. Striking mix of colours
  2. Keeps its colour all year round
  3. Great container plant
  4. Compact
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